Remove people from photo with the «Donor» area

Removing people from your digital photographs is slow, fiddly and often clumsy. At least it used to be!

Inpaint lets you quickly and easily change the "donor" area that feeds the replacement texture. The result? Seamless removal in a fraction of the time!

Step 1: Load the image

Load the photo with the person you wish to remove

Step 2: Select the person to remove

Using the marker simply paint and fill the person or object to remove from your picture.

Select the person to be removed

Step 3: Erase the donor area to exclude man in blue

Click Donor, then select Eraser. This gives you precise control what pixels are used for replacement.

Change the boundary - fine control!

Step 4: The result? The person has been removed from your photo!

Click the "Erase" button and you're done!

As if by magic, the person has been removed from your photo!

Customer Feedback:

Inpaint makes it easy to remove objects from your photos.